Pandemic Recovery Collaborathon Series

Accelerating Time To Market For Products And Solutions That Optimize Health And Social Systems


During this period of pandemic recovery, health systems will continue to be stressed in many areas, including optimizing health systems, empowering populations, and powering data-driven technologies, among many more. As a social impact innovation orchestrator, Colleaga seeks to cultivate and scale a portfolio of innovation projects that are designed to optimize our health and social system functionality.

We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere, and we're here to support your innovation!

Acting as an intake campaign for our Pandemic Recovery Innovation Accelerator, our Collaborathon  hosts a series of design challenges that each focus on a different health system topic area. These design challenges seek to recruit and support individuals, startups, and scale-ups who are interested in spearheading, commercializing, or scaling complex social impact projects that require collaborative partnerships between multiple stakeholder groups due to their inherent complexity of tackling health system transformation.

Our goal is to get the ventures that are driving innovation funded and making as much impact as possible. Our design challenges offer a structured approach to facilitating the combined knowledge and effort we as innovators and experts want to share, while also growing your ventures.

Our Design Challenges

Currently, we have launched and are accepting project submissions in two key health system focus areas:


1) Virtual Care Design Challenge

Work alongside entrepreneurs, academics, and public and private sector stakeholders to co-design projects with a focus on planning, delivering, and managing virtual care.

  • Virtual Mental Health
  • Chronic Disease Management with Virtual Care
  • Remote Patient Engagement
  • Virtual Care Scheduling and Management Solutions 



2) Health System Analytics Design Challenge

Are you working on an information based solution that can mitigate the effects of the pandemic? Do you 

  • Health System Supply and Demand Analytics
  • Analytics Enabled Chronic Disease Management
  • Health System Navigation, Scheduling and Management Solutions
  • Health System Marketplaces
  • Population Health Analytics

All types of innovative teams may apply – startups, corporations, informal collaborations, sole inventors, social impact ventures, and not-for-profit initiatives. We encourage applications from academic, public sector, and private sector stakeholders who want to participate in data driven, disruptive, innovative co-design projects that tackle front line challenges.

Stay tuned for the launch of more design challenges focus areas in early 2021.


Rewards & Incentives

The most inventive and qualified participants of our design challenges will win:

  • Investments in qualified companies via Colleaga Capital
  • Project funding for eligible project consortiums
  • Funded fellowships in Colleaga's Pandemic Innovation Accelerator

Our design challenges also offer many opportunities for participants to recieve specialized active learning and coaching to gain a deeper understanding of social innovation problem spaces, master procurement processes and become better innovators. Get direct access to Colleaga's faculty of mentors, industry experts, and partners, along with the ability to co-design with our community of innovators, front-line solvers, and investors.

For more information, visit the dedicated design challenge page links above.

Why This Collaborathon Series Matters

The COVID-19 Pandemic has presented an innovation landscape that requires speed, knowledge, and collaboration. Consortiums of innovators are more important than ever. With our shared knowledge and combined effort we can make the most of a difficult situation and drive the innovation we need.

Many of us have had personal and professional experience dealing with health and social systems challenges and we know firsthand the relentless pressure to improve performance with less resources. We all struggle to understand challenging ‘wicked’ social and health systems problems and their intricate networks of stakeholders with different values and priorities. We know that our traditional linear processes for problem solving are not keeping pace as wicked problems evolve.

Pandemic innovators face many barriers in adopting, commercializing, and scaling effective products.

During this current reality of the pandemic, we need diverse innovators to work together collaboratively to solve complex problems effectively. It is now more important than ever to create consortiums of innovators to focus on the next great idea that can improve health system optimization. 

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Colleaga is an orchestrated network of collaborative mission-based innovation programs. Colleaga brings together public, academic and industrial social innovation to generate economic opportunities from collaboratively solving wicked social problems.


This initiative is co-hosted by the Colleaga Digital Health Go to Market Deal Accelerator, the Colleaga Veterans Mental Health Innovation Project Accelerator, and Colleaga Capital.