Become an Innovation Fellow

The Digital Health Go To Market Innovation Deal Accelerator accelerates the time to market by nurturing innovation partnership deals that transform healthcare and have social impact.

Why apply for our Innovation Fellowships?


An Innovation Fellowship allows you to be part of the Digital Health Go To Market Innovation Deal Accelerator, solving wicked challenges through collaborations.


As an Innovation Fellow, you will:


Participate in innovation co-design projects that tackle front line health challenges:

You'll have access to partners who are also looking for co-design opportunities. Your fellowship will be tailored to your project's needs.


Use our disciplined innovation process to enhance success rates of funding and implementation:

Through our structured process, we help you accelerate the time and increase the chances of success to a project deal. We provide constant support every step of the way with resources, tools, and distinguished faculty.


Experience an active learning program:

Our active learning program, based on lean methodology, follows a learning by doing process. Learn how to build problem bases, strategize sales, and understand contracts.


Learn more about the accelerator and the active learning program

How does it work?

1. Gain more understanding



Learn more about the accelerator process and our active learning program



Learn how to develop and validate precise ideas using the Colleaga innovation canvas


2. Fill out the application form

Click the Apply button on your Colleaga Innovation Community home page and fill out the form with the knowledge you've just gained


3. Wait for news

Explore your home page as you wait for your application to be reviewed


4. Receive an email

 Follow the instructions in the email, whether your application has been accepted or needs some changes


5. Ready to participate!

Start your Innovation Fellowship!


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