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We have kicked off the COVID-19 Collaborathon!
Be a change maker and submit your ideas!

Defining COVID-19 "Wicked" Problems at the Collaborathon


Colleaga is spearheading its Experiential Design Challenge aimed

at Identifying and addressing the inadequacies of our Health & Social Systems that have been unmasked by COVID-19.


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Take our free course, Mastering Innovative Ideation.

Learn about how sharing innovative ideas can make change happen. You will be better prepared to share and pitch your ideas by creating an Innovation Project Canvas, through resources and templates accessible through the course.


Browse other ideas to get familiar with what you will be creating.

Take a look at what expertise and perspectives other innovators have contributed regarding the key challenges of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Collaborathon Begins
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We have kicked off the COVID-19 Collaborathon!

Join the Colleaga Innovation Community to co-create, validate and publicize a comprehensive set of COVID-19 problems.




Our second event of the COVID-19 Collaborathon will run in a few weeks, stay tuned!


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