What is the Digital Health Go To Market Innovation Deal Accelerator?

Creative Innovation Procurements, Partnerships and Financings are key to solving complex wicked challenges.


The Digital Health Go To Market Innovation Deal Accelerator accelerates the time to market by nurturing innovation partnership deals with transformative impact. 


We invest in you and your project's success. 

What is the active learning program?
The Digital Health Go To Market Innovation Program is a combination of personal learning and individual growth with a disciplined, expertly guided team-based innovation process designed to output successful and scalable projects.
Fellows are part of a peer group of like-minded innovators who work together on separate yet common problems.  



In the program, Innovation Fellows will:


Develop effective funded innovation partnership deals 

Build and iteratively test your innovation project canvas
Articulate common adoption and selling challenges in public and private health systems
Learn effective innovation partnership and commercialization approaches
Gain access to end-users and validated use cases
Tap the expertise, experience, and creative ideas of like-minded innovators 


The Digital Health Go To Market Innovation Program 


1. Initiation:


Learning and Doing begins during the application to be an Innovation Fellow. Take advantage of Colleaga's free Mastering Innovative Ideation Program to construct your first Innovation Project Canvas and Challenge Brief.





  2. Discovery and Insight:


Gain insights and clearly define your challenge by building on your innovation project canvas and testing your value proposition with peers and potential partners.





3. Value-Innovation Partner Fit: 


Discover partners with common value objectives for your ideal partnership.





4. Innovation Partnership Deal Structure:


Learn how to apply innovation partnership codesign approaches and principles including assessing your partnership value, common partnership plans, project budgets and revenue potential, and project costs over time.





Stage 5 and 6: Innovation Implementation, Evaluation and Scaling:

Discover how to implement the innovation scope of work and set up for a successful evaluation that drives the scaling and future procurement decisions for the members of the partnership.



Contact us at innovationsherpa@colleaga.org to learn more about our pricing model.